Griffin De Britton  Champion Bred European Male Bron 12-6-14 (Owned by: Britton Farms Dobermans)SOLD!!!!
Sire: Intl Ch Izrafel Grande Gregor   Dam: Intl Ch Yassa Black Novak
$6,500.00 plus 3% PayPal fees with Full Registration   SOLD
Champion Sired Griffin De Britton  (2 Years old on 12-6-2014)
(vWD Clear & DCM DNA Negative)
FOR SALE:  Doberman Pinscher Male 2 years old .  This 2 year old Black and Rust male Doberman is a special dog for those that
require quality pedigree, protection, and companionship.  This 2 year old, named “Griffin” is totally housebroken.   (When he wants to go
to the bathroom he goes to the door and stands or he comes over and lays his head on your lap.)  This dog is 27 ½ inchs tall which is within
the show standard but viewed as a large dog.  He weighs 110 pounds and is solid muscle.  He was born on 12/6/2014. He is also micro
chipped.  He is one of the highest quality bred, in tact Doberman Pinscher males in the Country sired by International Champion Izrafel
Grande Gregor, with him mother being International Champion Yassa Black Novak.  A powerful pedigree that comes framed with the
dog displays this 2 year old male has 178 champions in the first 6 generations of his pedigree with over 10 dogs in his pedigree that have
won the IDC Champion of the Year.  This male is the great grandson of Fedor Del Nasi.  (Probably the greatest Doberman Pinscher ever
in the history of Doberman’s.)  This 2 year old male is the Great great grandson of IDC Champion Baron Nike Renewal.  This dog has a
high ball drive and will bring a thrown ball back to you every time you through it.  He sits on command.  He stays on command.  He barks
on command.  He alerts for protection on command.  He is wonderful with children as my 3 year old grandson hangs all over him all the
time literally.  This dog was purchased from what I consider to be America’s highest quality Doberman Pinscher breeder in America,
entitlted Britton Farms Dobermans.  (The Breeder: Travis Britton is a great friend of mine.  I waited for this specific dog to be produced
for a long time.)  This dog named “Griffin” is solid muscle with no health problems whosoever and is up to dates on all shots, vaccinations,
etc. etc.  This dog lives in our house with my family and is used to having a great environment with much socialization, but make no
mistake about it this dog goes ballistic when a stranger approaches our residence and would protect you 100% of the time.  I have
recently been diagnosed with an illness and am willing to sell him to a good home.  This dog would make a premier stud dog for a high
quality breeder or simply provide you with protection and love sporting one of the highest quality pedigrees in the Nation.  Call, email,
text, to inquire about this 2 year old male.  Travis Britton  660-415-5449 or   We are located in Northern Missouri.  
Dogs similar to this particular dog with this particular pedigree and training sell for well over $10,000, however we are willing to sell him
to a good home for $6500.
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