DOBERMANS as family companions ...
Dobermans are, in general, a gentle, loyal, loving, and highly intelligent breed. However, people often tend to
misunderstand their genuine roles - because guard dogs are trained to neutralize unwelcome intruders, many people
mistakenly believe that Dobermans are vicious. The Doberman has been used as a protection dog, due to its intelligence,
loyalty, and ability to physically challenge human aggressors. A typical Companion Doberman, well socialized and raised
as part of a family, attacks only if it believes that it, its property, or its family are in danger. Many Britton Farms
Dobermans find homes in excellent families, and all people who have had first hand experience with our dobermans will
tell you that a well-bred and properly socialized Doberman from Britton Farms Dobermans proves to be an excellent
Family Companion, suitable for families with other dog breeds, excellent with young children, and even cats.
The Doberman is a loyal and devoted family member.
International Champion
National Champion

Prepared for IPO-1

Health Tests:

* Brucella blood test-negative
*vWD Clear
DCM _Negative_DNA tested
(dilated cardiomyopathy)
International Champion Nevena  De Britton
Intl Ch Nevena De Britton's Pedigree
Intl Ch. Nevena  De Britton
Izrafel Abe
2006 IDC Winner Pathos
Delle Querce Nere
2004 IDC World Winner
Urbano del Diamante Nero
Ninette della Sinvessa
2005 IDC Winner Izrafel
Maya di Altobello
Ferrofarah Gomez
di Campovalano
Nikita For Eternity
Barbwire Di
IDC Sieger Fedor del
IDC Sieger Baron
Nike Renewal
Akuna Matata de
Grande Vinko
Golda di Altobello
GaranGolden di
Nikita for Eternity
Intl. Ch. Neven LiparLand
Intl. Ch. Apache De Britton
Animus Alvaro
Di Altobello
INT Champ
Gilgamesh Casa Di Oz
Casanova Altobello
Playboy Di Altobello
Berta Dobson
Baranesa Zova Renewal
Prinz Vom Norden
Barana Sawages
Alabina The Great Queen
Come As You Are Agor
Baron Nike Renewal
Galaxy Gwendy
Omar Orpheus Od
Allegra Di Faruggio
Natl. Ch. Dakota
De Perlanera
Timberviews TNT
Intl. Ch. Wiking Di Perlanera
Intl. Ch. Bagio Bobby
Coco Channel King of
Cinny Ciarlone
Kimbertal's Stealth
Kimbertals Nina
Wislers' Lets' Roll
Magentas Ruger V Wisler
Jago Warrior De
Envey Vom Mutter
Missy Kira
Cujo Maximillian of
Missy of MBF
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