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Stud Service Contract
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European Doberman Puppies and Adult Dogs bred in The United States

7. The Stud dog Owners agree to give the same care to the Bitch to be bred that they would give to their own bitches
while in their possession. In the event of an emergency the stud dog owner guarantees to make every attempt to
contact the bitches owner before any Vet. care is rendered, but in the case of an emergency, the bitch dogs owner
agrees that Vet. care and any emergency decisions can be made by the stud dogs owner and the Bitch dogs owner
agrees to pay all fees incoured by the bitch dogs emergency care.

8. The following items are needed prior to or at time of service:

Photocopies of:         ___ A.K.C. Registration.
___ Four (4) Generation Pedigree.
___ Recent photograph or video tape of bitch.
___ Pay all transportation costs to and from Studs dwelling.
___ Fees for Health & Acclimation Certificates if shipping is required.
___ Current Vaccination and worming records including Rabies Vaccinations.
___ Artificial Insemination costs if you choose A.I.
___ Current Negative Brucellosis test results.
___ Current Negative Aerobic Cervical High Vaginal Culture taken with guarded
culture                              culture
instrument dated no more than 30 days prior to mating date.
___ Mycoplasma cervical (high vaginal) culture.
___ White blood cell count.
___ Thyroid (T4) test within the last 3 months.

9. Additional charges for board and transportation of the bitch shall be charged at the following rates.

___ Board at $20.00 per day. Board charges are waived for the first 7 days, after which
the                            the
previously stated charges will apply.
___ Pick up and drop off @ Austin Bergstrum International Airport will be charged at the rate
of $30.00 each.

10. The bitch owner agrees that all puppies resulting from this litter will be properly cared for and placed into
appropriate homes.

11. No puppy resulting from this breeding shall be transferred to wholesale outlets, dog dealers, brokers, humane
shelters, laboratories, pet shops or their agents.

12.Bitch owner agrees to sell all pet quality puppies as non-breedable and will enforce this term by checking the
limited registration box on the A.K.C. registration form.

13. Bitch owner agrees that all pups sold for show/breeding must be checked and have the necessary health
clearances before being bred (example; eye, hip, vWD, brucellosis, etc.)

14. The owner of Stud will, as a matter of courtesy only, refer prospective puppy purchasers to the owner of the bitch
when the puppies are at least seven weeks old.

15. Studs Owners will provide photocopies of :          
                            ___ Studs A.K.C. Registration.
                            ___ Four (4) generation pedigree.
                            ___ Studs Hips & Elbows classification.
                            ___ Studs vWD test results.
Here at Britton Farms Dobermans we strive to improve the Doberman breed with every mating.

We have recently imported the #3 Male Doberman from the 2004 International Doberman Convention. Alvaro Animus Di Altobello is a very confident, structurally correct
European Doberman. I have admired the Altobello Dobermans for many years and am proud to the owner of one of their finest European Doberman Studs. Dejan and
Elena were very helpful and friendly throughout the aquisition of Alvaro Animus Di Altobello. The Altobello Kennel was named the #1 Doberman Kennel in the World this
past year at the International Doberman Convention, and was named #2 doberman kennel in the world last year.

We have brought the best European Dobermans in the world right here to The United States. We plan to help to fill the needs and desires of the rest of the Doberman
fanciers here in the United States that would otherwise not be able to acquire a doberman of this calibur here in The United States.

These European Dobermans are breathtaking in their "Regal Authority" look. They are truly what a doberman should look like. The Doberman originated in Europe and
they are still breeding closest to the original standard of anywhere in the world, so we have gone back to the roots. These European Dobermans are very heavy boned,
not like the tiny spindly boned dobermans we have come to see here in The United States. These European Dobermans have substance of bone and muscle mass to
balance  the bone structure, again Truly a picture of "Regal Authority", a Look at Me and Respect Me look that can't be replicated by any other breed.

These European Dobermans will excel in Schutzhund, Tracking, Manstopping, Personal Protection, Conformation, Agility, Obedience, or anything you could ask them to
do, they are truly the Ultimate European Doberman., Breeders of Impeccable Temperments and Type, European Doberman puppies

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Superior Size Dobermans also available from one of the worlds most sought after bloodlines, Tri International Champion Wiking De Perlanera.

Over Sized Doberman puppies,
Over Sized Dobermans,Over Sized Doberman male,Over Sized Doberman females.

Superior Sized Doberman puppies,
Superior Sized Dobermans,Superior Sized Doberman male,Superior Sized Doberman female.
European Dobermans
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